alicia torello nails
⚡️ @glossier lightning emojis for @cocobaudelle ⚡️
Hey guys come hang with @mpnails @othergirl_julia @cocobaudelle and @anitra_l at the @glossier pop up! Get a “G” nail with purchase! We’re here until 5. 😀
Tomorrow (10/19) @mpnails & I will be giving @glossier “Alphabet” and “G” nails with purchase of Glossier: Phase 1 from 12-5 at 123 Lafayette come say hi and test the new Glossier product line!
Red on red moons for @tellmeeverything using @deborahlippmann in “My Old Flame” and “Just Walk Away Renee”
Metallic stripes for my extra special favie agent  @anaismerle using @essiepolish
#regram from @mariakefisherman from fashion week where I painted all the girls fingertips! @maybelline ✨✨
St Laurent inspired Stars and Stripes ‼️
My “The Ring” inspired halloween nail art up on @harpersbazaarus .com
New cover with Anne looking perfect for @harpersbazaarus
Multi color double French
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